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LPAC Gives Orders to Congress: Get Back to Washington! Pass Glass-Steagall Now, Before the Blowout!

Oct. 5, 2016 (EIRNS)—Discussions among the LaRouche Policy Committee, the Manhattan Project, Lyndon LaRouche himself, and LaRouche Polotical Action Committee activist conference calls in the past 72 hours have determined to launch a "take no prisoners" drive to organize all Members of the U.S. Congress to support Glass-Steagall now, and go back into session to enact it.

"Maximum outreach" is the word of the day, LPAC spokespersons assert. The momentum of the Congress standing up to Obama to overwhelmingly pass the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA) shows what can be done. For example, an activist in Delaware reported that his "placeholder" Congressman had changed, and voted to override Obama’s veto of JASTA. Now, that same congressman has become more serious about Glass-Steagall. In New Jersey this week, an activist at a Congressman’s local gathering was asked by the representative to both report on the JASTA vote process—which met with applause, and to lay out the necessity for Glass-Steagall.

Taking Massachusetts as a test case, where the intensely rotten smell of Barney Frank must be removed with strong stuff, we found one congressman had scheduled 15 appearances in the next two weeks on his website under "Congressional Corner," and another Boston area congressman is speaking at a Boston law school this week. There will be witnesses when he is put on the spot, on what he will do to act now against the crash.

As one LPAC spokesperson put it, "We must pounce on every opportunity to get the Congress to keep moving forward on Glass-Steagall after the JASTA victory—no General Meade reactions allowed!"—a reference to Gen. George Meade's failure to pursue Robert E. Lee's retreating army following its defeat at Gettysburg during the American Civil War.

Obama has been badly beaten, and the Erinyes are alive and well, LPAC spokespersons insist. Kesha Rogers, twice the winner of the Democratic primary for Houston’s 22nd Congressional District seat in Houston, said, "We must unleash a whirlwind." Our nuclear weapon is the name "LaRouche." Think back to the 2007 "Home Owners and Bank Protection Act."

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