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Xiangshan Forum on International Relations: Only Development Can End the Chaos

Oct. 11, 2016 (EIRNS)—The 7th Xiangshan Forum in Beijing kicked off today, with its theme being "Build a New Type of International Relations through Security Dialogue and Cooperation," and focusing heavily on global security and terrorism. It is featured prominently in both the Russian and Chinese Engish-language news sites. According the forum’s organizers, there are over 400 people in attendance, including delegations from 59 countries, six international organizations, renowned politicians and experts.

Chinese Defense Minister Chang Wanquan said in his opening remarks that the world today is going through unprecedented changes.

"On one hand, peace, development and win-win cooperation are the trend of the times, countries are more closely connected than ever before, and the rise of developing countries, especially emerging economies, is pushing the international power landscape toward equilibrium,"

he said.

"On the other hand, the global peace and development are faced with new threats and challenges, and we should keep close watch on some new tendencies in the international security situation."

Chang also linked security and development closely together.

"Wars, conflicts, terrorism and refugee crises can all find their roots in backward development, and the final solutions to those problems should also be sought through development,"

Chang said. In Chang’s opinion, the global strategic stability is under threat, evidenced by

"certain countries enhancing military alliance in pursuit for absolute military dominance and seeking their own absolute security at the expense of other countries’ security. We should reject the outdated mindset of the Cold War,"

Chang said, adding that the countries in the world should prioritize in their international cooperation "the creation of the new global security architecture."

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