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Majority of EU Foreign Ministers Against Sanctions on Russia over Syria

Oct. 17, 2016 (EIRNS)—Despite bluster from British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson, there was virtually no support for new sanctions against Russia at the European Union’s Foreign Ministers meeting today in Luxembourg.

Prior to the meeting, Johnson had pushed the imposition of sanctions in press statements which were supported by the French Foreign Minister. But EU Foreign Minister Frederica Mogherini said before the meeting that no member state had proposed sanctions.

RT reports that German Foreign Minister Steinmeier said,

"At present, I don’t see how sanctions, which may have a long-term impact, should help here to improve the provision of the civilian population."

Austrian Foreign Minister Kurz also opposed sanctions:

"The idea to have additional sanctions against Russia would be wrong. We do not need a further escalation."

The Foreign Ministers of Luxembourg, Cyprus, and Greece also opposed any sanctions.

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