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Glazyev Comments on Trump Victory: Americans Don’t Want War

Nov. 10, 2016 (EIRNS)—Russian economist and Presidential adviser Sergei Glazyev has given an interview to Itar-TASS discussing the significance of Donald Trump’s victory in the just-concluded U.S. presidential elections.

On Nov. 9, Itar-TASS published statements made by “Putin adviser” Sergei Glazyev on the U.S. election outcome. “I believe Trump is a practical man; he will lift sanctions on Russia that are harmful to U.S. business, too,” Glazyev commented.

“As a result, the trade turnover, financial and economic relations between Russia and the U.S., as well as the West in general, will be restored and start growing, depending on the economic situation only.”

The election results show that

“The American people don’t want war; for the first time in the world’s history there is a chance to move to a new global economic order without waging a world war. Resetting is sure to take place, because the outgoing administration’s foreign policy was based on the aggressive approach towards Russia in order to retain Washington’s supremacy. We can say that this approach has failed.”

Glazyev noted that the policies of the Obama Administration have led to the United States losing China, and so the transition now to a peaceful multipolar world is all the more crucial. “Detente between the U.S. and Russia is necessary in this regard.”

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