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Xi Jinping to Ecuador: ‘Let Us Be Great Partners in South-South Cooperation’

Nov. 16, 2016 (EIRNS)—On the eve of his arrival in Ecuador tomorrow, Chinese President Xi Jinping penned an opinion piece, published today in the daily El Telégrafo, outlining goals for strengthening the two nations’ bilateral relations.

"Those united by the same ideals can overcome any physical distance," the Chinese President wrote. Thirteen cooperation agreements are expected to be signed during Xi’s visit, Xinhua reported.

"Let us be great partners for South-South cooperation," Xi proposed, noting that the world today is undergoing

"profound and complex transformations, a context in which many developing countries, among them China and Ecuador, should strengthen cooperation to face those challenges."

This calls for "closely linking our industrial networks and taking our practical cooperation to a higher level ... and greater depth."

Xi strongly supported Ecuador’s "independent development path," its

"peaceful and independent diplomacy, and courage in safeguarding justice and challenging [the use of] force...Let us be good partners in shared development. Development counts."

When the many Ecuadorean projects being built with Chinese financing are completed, Xi predicted, Ecuador "will have a strong engine for development," and he thanked the government for placing its trust in "Chinese companies, equipment and technologies."

The Chinese President underscored that high technology is a key focus of Sino-Ecuadorean cooperation, pointing to China’s launching of Ecuador’s Caballo Alado satellite in 2013.

"The experience of our immense development tells us that science and technology constitute the first productive force.... Ecuadorean efforts are directed toward revitalizing the country through science and technology."

Xi stressed the importance of extending the Sino-Ecuadorean partnership to coming generations: "China and Ecuador are heirs to splendid civilizations and traditions," he explained, and cultural and educational exchange is crucial.

"Youth represent the future, and we must see as important the promotion of exchange among that important group to create the successors of Sino-Ecuadorean friendship from one generation to the next."

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