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Rep. Tim Ryan To Challenge Pelosi for House Democratic Leadership

Nov. 17, 2016 (EIRNS)—Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) announced today in a "Dear Colleague" letter to House Democratic Members that he will challenge longtime Democratic House Leader Nancy Pelosi for the Leadership position.

Yesterday, The Hill reported that Pelosi tried to head off a challenge before one was announced with a letter to all House Democrats, stating, "I am pleased to report the support of more than two-thirds of the Caucus." That is a winning margin, but will it hold now that Tim Ryan has announced?

Rep. Ryan’s letter referred to his disappointment, and that of many Americans, with the Democratic candidates’ results in the Nov. 8 election.

Ryan wrote,

"The consensus of the Democratic Caucus is clear, ‘What we are doing right now is not working. Under our current leadership, Democrats have been reduced to our smallest congressional minority since 1929. This should indicate to all of us that keeping our leadership team completely unchanged will simply lead to more disappointment in future elections.

"Over the last 18 years, Democrats have only been in the majority of the House of Representatives for two terms, and last week’s election results set us back even further. We have lost over 60 seats since 2010. We have the fewest Democrats in state and federal offices since Reconstruction. At this time of fear and disillusionment, we owe it to our constituencies to listen and bring a new voice into leadership."

Pelosi has been House Democratic Leader for 16 years.

"After this election," Ryan continued,

"I believe we all need to re-evaluate our roles within the Caucus, the Democratic Party, and our country. That is why I am announcing my run for Minority Leader of the Democratic Caucus... I expect the entire Caucus to hold me accountable. That is why if I am successful I will not serve again without the support of two-thirds of the Caucus."

The election will take place on Nov. 30.

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