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Kiev Regime Provocation over Crimea

Nov. 26, 2016 (EIRNS)—The Nazi-backed regime in Kiev launched a very dangerous provocation against Russia yesterday, in the form of an announcement that it will be testing missiles in the airspace of Crimea and the Black Sea.

"In violation of all international agreements Ukraine has made a unilateral decision to conduct missile launches in Russia’s sovereign airspace in the Simferopol flight information region,"

Rosaviatsiya, Russia’s aviation agency told TASS. The Kiev regime announced their plans through the issuance of NOTAMs (notices to airmen), announcing the closure of certain airspace in the region for missile launches on Dec. 1 and 2.

"The issue of these NOTAMs has not been agreed with the Russian authorities concerned or the Russian provider of air navigation services, although the routes of both civilian and government aircraft lie through these zones,"

Rosaviatsiya said. Therefore, Russia will ban flights over Crimea, unless Ukraine cancels its decision to hold missile firing drills over the Black Sea peninsula.

The Kiev regime has had little to say about its plans for Dec. 1 and 2 beyond the NOTAMs other than to dimiss Russian complaints.

"Ukraine carries out the missile tests within the framework of all the international obligations and treaties. That’s why we ask Russia not to hinder the tests by its hysterics and provocations,"

said Oleksander Turchinov, Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council Secretary.

Sergei Zheleznyak, a member of Russia’s State Duma Committee for International Affairs told reporters, yesterday, that the Kiev regime’s actions are not only "irresponsible and unreasonable" but also the cause of great concern.

"The Ukrainian authorities seek to use every opportunity to spoil the life of the Crimeans, in this regard their activities should be assessed not only by diplomats and military officers but by psychologists as well,"

Zheleznyak said.

The region encompassing southern Ukraine, the Crimean Peninsula, the Black Sea and the adjacent Russian region is a major transit corridor for commercial aircraft flying between Europe and Asia. It was on one of those routes that Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 was flying from Amsterdam en route to Moscow and Kuala Lumpur, when it was shot down in July 2014.

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