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Tony Blair Back in the Crosshairs; MPs Go for Charges against Him

Nov. 27, 2016 (EIRNS)—A group of Members of Parliament from six parties in the British Parliament will present a motion tomorrow, calling for a new parliamentary committee to be established in order to bring former Prime Minister Tony Blair to account for his lying to get the United Kingdom and the United States to go to war against Iraq.

The MPs’ motion calls for an investigation of the difference between what Blair told the Chilcot Inquiry, and what he said privately about that war. The final report of the Chilcot Inquiry, released in July 2016, documented that the Iraq War was a war of aggression, and thus a war crime, but did not recommend prosecutions or other action. A story published by Britain’s Observer a week ago, revealed new government memorandums from 2009, which documented how the Chilcot Inquiry was carefully structured specifically so that no legal action could result.

Blair’s talk about reversing Brexit, and maneuverings to make himself again the decision-maker of British politics, especially in the wake of the U.S. election shock, are gearing up the actions against him. The motion, led by Scottish National Party MP Alex Salmond, Wales’ Plaid Cymru leader Hywel Williams, and Green party co-leader Caroline Lucas, is reported to be backed by senior Tory and Labour MPs, and got big play in British press of all sorts.

The New Statesman featured Blair’s determination "once again to become an agent of influence in British politics," in a lengthy Nov. 24 interview with the unrepentant, and supremely arrogant Blair, on how he proposes to rebuild a political "platform" which can reverse the crumbling of his imperialist globalization. Blair reiterated to the New Statesman that Brexit "can be stopped, if the British people decide that, having seen what it means, the pain-gain cost-benefit analysis doesn’t stack up," and suggested President-elect Trump might be brought around as a "deal-maker and non-ideologue," including to understand the alleged threat posed by Russia.

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