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Senior Chinese Diplomat Proposes Trump Government Join China in Developing Belt and Road Initiative

Dec. 4, 2016 (EIRNS)—"Infrastructure Can Be China-U.S. Bridge," China Daily headlined its coverage of the intervention of Fu Ying, chairwoman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National People’s Congress of China, at New York University on Dec. 1.

Madame Fu spoke to an audience of 300, mostly New York University students, at the China-U.S. forum sponsored by NYU and the China-U.S. Exchange Foundation. She was joined at the podium by former U.S. Ambassador to China Roy Stapleton. LaRouche PAC organizers attended, and participated in the discussion period, raising how U.S.-Chinese relations could develop around cooperation in China’s One Belt, One Road project, as LaRouche PAC has outlined in its pamphlet, "The U.S. Must Join the New Silk Road."

"Fu Ying sees infrastructure as a great opportunity for U.S.-China cooperation under America’s President-elect," China Daily reported. It noted Fu’s discussion of how the CEO of COSCO Group, China’s largest shipping company, had told the U.S. Congress two years ago that America has to upgrade its ports to grow its exports. "But America doesn’t want to take investment from other countries like China, and you don’t invest yourself," she quoted the CEO as saying.

Fu argued that the election of Donald Trump may lead to a new phase, as he vowed to "transform America’s crumbling infrastructure," China Daily wrote, quoting Ms. Fu that "the U.S. needs to be more open. I think there can be very, very good cooperation."

"Asked if she worries about a changing landscape of U.S.-China relations under the Trump administration, Fu said it was too soon to tell, but she is not pessimistic," China Daily wrote.

"She said the phone call between President Xi Jinping and Trump was ‘very encouraging,’ as Trump agreed with Xi that cooperation is the only choice between the two countries, and they will advance the relationships to bring more benefits to the people of the two countries."

China Daily noted that Ambassador Roy endorsed Fu on the idea of infrastructure cooperation, and said that the United States may yet participate in China’s Belt and Road Initiative despite its having refused to join the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) project, which he considers as a mistake.

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