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Syrian Army Declares Victory in Aleppo; Celebration in the Streets

Dec. 12, 2016 (EIRNS)—After four years of jihadi occupation, the Syrian army has declared victory in east Aleppo, defeating the British-Obama-Saudi scheme to turn Syria into a terrorist- controlled wasteland. A late-breaking story on Sputnik News reports, tonight, that only three residential blocks of Aleppo were still occupied by the jihadis. Twitter postings included with the Sputnik article report, "The people of Aleppo are celebrating the Syrian Army liberation of their city tonight after four years of occupation by ’moderate’ rebels," and "Joy and excitement of the people in Aleppo tonight as they celebrate the Syrian Army victory after four long years of battle." Videos included in the postings show people pouring into the streets, car horns blasting and gunfire into the air in celebration. Syrian state television showed President Bashar al Assad congratulating the troops on the front lines, the troops who made the victory possible, with the help of Russian air power and other support.

"Throughout the battle of Aleppo, government forces repeatedly urged civilians to leave the area, organizing humanitarian corridors to arrange the safe passage of those who wanted to escape furious street battles,"

reports Sputnik. "However, terrorist groups fighting in Aleppo forcibly prevented civilians from leaving the area whilst using them as human shields."

The Syrian army, an army reconstructed by Russian training and new equipment from its nadir in the summer of 2015, began the final battle for east Aleppo on Nov. 20, with simultaneous assaults from different directions on the northern half of the jihadi-held pocket. Once the northern half of the pocket was cleared, new assaults were launched into the center of the city from the east and from the south, leading to the final collapse of jihadi resistance over the past two days.

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