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Former Intelligence Professional Mike Gravel Tells EIR: Charges Against Russia Are ‘Far-Fetched Ridiculous’

Dec. 17, 2016 (EIRNS)—In an interview with EIR on Dec. 14, former U.S. Senator and intelligence professional Mike Gravel (D-Alaska) ripped apart the Obama Administration/media charges that the Russian government hacked the U.S. Presidential election and influenced, if not determined, the outcome. "First off, it's ridiculous! It's far-fetched ridiculous!"

"We know—and here we can be grateful to Edward Snowden—that the United States' capability, along with their partners in Britain, have the capability of vacuuming up every single communication in the world. That means that the NSA has all of Hillary's emails; hasall of the communications between the U.S. and Russia."

Yet, the U.S. intelligence community has repeatedly declared that its evidence against Russia is a "belief" with "high confidence," and declined to proffer any specific proof it has.

Asked why the intelligence community would be carrying out this fraud, Senator Gravel said, "The intent is to sabotage the potential new relationship [with Russia]."

"What we see right now, is the last regurgitation of a failed policy, one that was very dangerous. In demonizing Putin the way we've done in the American media, Western media, and then turning around the leveling the charge at them that they are trying to destabilize Western and Eastern Europe, is ridiculous."

Sen. Gravel is a former adjutant top-secret control officer for the Communications intelligence Service and a special agent of the Counterintelligence Corps, as well as being a former Senator. He is on the Executive Board of the Veteran Intelligence Professional for Sanity, which released a full statement on the hoax of the CIA charges earlier this week.

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