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Former U.K. Ambassador to Syria Accuses Foreign Office of Lying about Syria

Dec. 25, 2016 (EIRNS)—The British daily Independent reported on Dec. 23 that Peter Ford, the U.K. Ambassador to Syria from 1999-2003, said that the Foreign Ministry under both Philip Hammond and Boris Johnson had judged Syria wrong "every step of the way" and are lying about it, falsely claiming Bashar Assad could not control the country when he is "well on the way to doing so."

He said:

"They told us at the beginning that Assad’s demise was imminent. They told us he’d be gone by Christmas. But then they told us that the opposition was dominated by these so-called moderates. That proved not to be the case, and now they’re telling us another big lie—that Assad can’t control the rest of the country. Well I’ve got news for them—he’s well on the way to doing so."

"We have made the situation worse," he said. "It was eminently foreseeable to anyone who was not intoxicated with wishful thinking."

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