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French Intelligence Expert Sees ‘Shocking Lack of Proof’ of Russian Hacking

PARIS, Jan 9, 2017 (Nouvelle Solidarité)—On Jan.1, Eric Denécé, director of the French Center for Intelligence Research (CF2R), an independent think tank, and former analyst at the National General Defense Secretariat (SGDN), published an editorial, "United States: The Real Reasons for the Expulsion of Russian Diplomats." Thirty-five Russian diplomats had been expelled two days earlier due to hacking accusations from Obama, Hillary Clinton, and their allied elements of U.S. intelligence.

After going rigorously through the Dec. 29 report by Homeland Security and the FBI, Denécé gives his analysis: "A Shocking Lack of Proof":

"What to think about the accusations of alleged hacking and the measures against it, given the vehement denunciations but also their lack of clarity?... For the time being, nobody has been able to access the information assembled by the CIA which would ‘prove’ the Russian involvement in this affair. ... It is probable that partial intelligence was extrapolated to conclude there was Russian hacking of Democratic Party computers. But that is not proof....

"Even if some accusations were true, let us recall that the White House is accusing the hackers of having revealed authentic e-mails bringing to light the corruption of Hillary Clinton and her staff.... To add it all up, the ‘Russian hackers’ played the role of whistleblowers, which is constantly encouraged by Washington throughout the world when it comes to fighting corruption, fraud or terrorism.

"In this case, however, Washington chooses to play the innocent victim of an act of cyber-aggression against international law, unhesitatingly condemns such practices and denounces Moscow's desire to interfere in the United States democratic process."

The reality behind all this, says Denécé is an internal fight between two U.S. power groups.

"The Washington establishment was taken totally by surprise by Trump's victory and understood that a "great clean up" would occur, in which many of its members would lose their political positions and economic spin-offs connected to their international alliances.

"As soon as he was elected, the President-elect clearly showed his extreme distrust vis-à-vis the intelligence community and especially the CIA, which he suspects of having had a strong and harmful influence over the policies of his two predecessors.

"Donald Trump, Mike Flynn, and also the future Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson—currently president of ExxonMobil—did not hide their desire to renew trust and partnership with Putin's Russia, which goes against the present administration and its interests."

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