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Roger Stone: Lies About Our ‘Russian Connections’ Come from Obama Holdovers in the CIA

Feb. 18, 2017 (EIRNS)—Roger Stone, who was accused of having ties to Russian intelligence while serving as an advisor to candidate Donald Trump, told RT today that these reports are "absolutely categorically untrue," and that the leaked reports are from "intelligence agencies who are holdovers, in this case from Barack Obama." He added that Paul Manafort the chairman of Trump’s campaign, also denies such accusations.

Stone, a close friend of President Trump for 40 years, conducted an interview with Lyndon LaRouche on his radio show "Stone Cold Truth" in November, which fulsomely praised LaRouche’s work over many decades, dating from LaRouche’s collaboration with Ronald Reagan in the 1980s.

In the RT interview, Stone nailed the cause of the anti-Trump hysteria:

"The real issue here in my opinion is that Donald Trump does not want to go to war with the Russian state over Syria. He favors détente and hard-headed negotiations with President Putin in the hopes that we can live in peace and perhaps work together to crush ISIS. So Trump was the peace candidate, the military and industrial complex in this country is very upset with his election, thus this allegation about Russian interference in our elections, which I stress again is entirely unproven."

He notes that no evidence of any sort has been provided—something also pointed to by Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov today at the Munich Security Conference.

Stone called for a special prosecutor or a congressional committee to investigate the lies about ties to Russian intelligence, noting he would be delighted to testify and expose the lies. As to appearances on RT (both his own and those of Gen. Michael Flynn), he said:

"I never thought I would ever see the day when Russian media is less censored than the media in the United States, but that is the case."

Asked why Russia is treated as the bogeyman in the West, Stone replied:

"Because the neocons have to justify their intended war in Syria. They have made it very clear, I should say Ms. Clinton made it very clear, that if elected President, she would have expanded the proxy war in Syria, and I think brought the United States and Russia to the brink of World War. Thank God we have stepped back from that under President Trump.... Like my mentor Richard Nixon, I prefer détente. If Brezhnev and Richard Nixon can get together to negotiate strategic arms limitations, then Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin can get together to negotiate peace. I think this is entirely possible."

Asked if the intelligence community was conducting a coup of some sort, Stone reviewed the CIA’s most famous lies: Iraq’s "weapons of mass destruction," denying torture, Iran-Contra, Vietnam, and the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy. "In the second and third levels of the agency you still have Obama’s holdovers, consequently the place leaks like a sieve."