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Ryabkov: Russia Open to Renewed Dialogue with U.S. on Strategic Issues

Feb. 28, 2017 (EIRNS)—Moscow is looking to Trump to do what he promised to do on U.S.-Russia relations, and is open to a renewed dialogue with Washington.

"Russia is open to a full-fledged discussion on strategic issues with the U.S. We need to take into account all factors influencing strategic stability and our security,"

Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said this morning, during a roundtable discussion at the Duma, reports TASS. Ryabkov noted that among such factors are

"the creation of the global missile defense system by the Americans and the development of non-nuclear strategic offensive weapons as part of the Prompt Global Strike concept by them."

Ryabkov indicated that Moscow also welcomes Trump’s statements about improving US-Russian relations more generally.

"Trump has confirmed his intention to build practical cooperation in his two telephone conversations with [Russian President Vladimir] Putin, held on November 14 and January 28,"

Ryabkov said.

What has not been discussed, so far, Ryabkov continued, is a mechanism for the lifting of U.S. sanctions against Russia, though the modalities of a Trump-Putin meeting are being discussed.

"There is no understanding yet on the date and place for such a meeting, but practical preparations for it have been launched and there is mutual understanding with the US side on this score,"

Ryabkov said.

"Naturally, at this initial stage of a dialogue with the new administration, it is difficult to make a conclusion about how work will proceed further on specific issues,"

the diplomat said. "The forecasts for a perspective will become possible when we see Washington’s practical actions."