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Wilkerson Says MI6/GCHQ May Have Wiretapped Trump

March 9, 2017 (EIRNS)—In a recent edition of "The Real News Network’s" "Wilkerson Report," Colin Powell’s former Chief of Staff Col. Lawrence Wilkerson (ret.), said that Britain’s MI6 secret spy agency or their GCHQ bugging center may have been responsible for wiretapping Donald Trump. To the question, "What do you make of Trump’s allegations?" Col. Wilkerson answered:

"Well, I’m certainly not one, Paul, to defend HMS Trump and that whole entourage of people, but I will paint you a hypothetical here. There are a number of events that have occurred in the last 96 hours or so that lead me to believe that maybe even the Democratic party—whatever element of it—approached John Brennan at the CIA, maybe even the former president of the United States. And John Brennan, not wanting his fingerprints to be on anything, went to his colleague in London GCHQ, MI6, and essentially said, ‘Give me anything you’ve got.’ And he got something and he turned it over to the DNC or to someone like that. And what he got was GHCQ MI6’s tapes of conversations of the Trump administration, perhaps even the President himself. It’s really kind of strange, at least to me, they let the head of that organization [GCHQ] go, fired him about the same time this was brewing up. So I’m not one to defend Trump, but in this case he might be right. It’s just that it wasn’t the FBI. Comey’s right, he wasn’t wire-tapping anybody, it was John Brennan, at the CIA."