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Trump Advisor Roger Stone Goes After Deep State, Reaffirms Support for Glass-Steagall

March 10, 2017 (EIRNS)—An interview with Roger Stone—long time political operative, and "unofficial" adviser of Donald Trump, was done live this morning on the KTKK radio show in Salt Lake City, by host Paul Jensen. Stone concentrated on two themes. To begin with, he sharply attacked the whole "Russia did it premise," beginning with exposing the latest attack on him, as the one alleged to be the "go-between for Trump with Russia." The latest attack accuses him of being in contact with suspected hacker Guccifer 2.0, who was initially identified as the "hacker" of Democratic National Committee documents. Stone said that it is true that he had been in contact with Guccifer 2.0—he once sent him a tweet to congratulate him for continuing to bring out the truth. That tweet is now the basis for the charge that Stone worked with Guccifer, the Russian agent, to elect Trump!

Stone said that this is a fraud, designed to get rid of Trump. The Obama administration got a FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) warrant to investigate him (Stone). He said that they now know everything that I’m doing, they know I’m talking to Alex Jones, to Harley Schlanger, to Donald Trump, but one thing they haven’t found is any connection to Russia, either the government, Russian spies, Russian diplomats, etc.—because there has been no contact. He said he wants a special prosecutor, he wants televised hearings, because this would expose that leaders of the "two-party duopoly are trying to conduct a coup against our President."

Asked if he believes that the FBI got a secret warrant, authorized by the Obama Department of Justice, to conduct surveillance on Trump during the campaign, Stone said unequivocally that they did. Whether Obama personally ordered it is beside the point. Stone said that Nixon didn’t personally approve the Watergate break-in, but he went down for it. Why is Obama not being held to the same standard as Nixon? Secretly investigating a Presidential candidate is a violation of the Constitution.

The whole rationale for investigating Trump is false, there was no collusion with Russia. The Clinton and Obama crowd, and the Bush Republicans, fear they will lose everything. That’s why they are organizing a coup.

The second main theme taken up by Stone was to answer the question as to why Trump is surrounding himself with some of the very establishment insiders he ran against. Stone said he has some worries about this, but then made an important point: Trump’s policies have been unaffected, he is keeping his promises made during the campaign. As examples, he mentioned the attack on free trade agreements, adding that Trump will "deconstruct Dodd-Frank, and says he will restore Glass-Steagall—I’m very happy about that." He added that Trump rejected Mnuchin’s choices to be Deputy Treasury Secretaries, and he was also happy that Eliot Abrams did not get a job in the State Department. Some of those Trump has brought in may be part of an attempt to unify the Party behind him, but then he added, "The rats are not driving the ship, but they are on board."

The last segment of the program was turned over to Harley Schlanger, to respond to Stone’s comments. Schlanger confirmed there is a coup underway, but that Trump and his allies are fighting it. To defeat the coupsters, they must be more direct in identifying who is involved, including Obama, Soros, and Deep State operatives such as Clapper and Brennan, and especially British intelligence operations, but also why they are so desperate, that the financial system is poised for a collapse, and they are losing control.

Schlanger emphasized what Stone said about Glass-Steagall, as a central flank developed by the LaRouche movement. He concluded by saying people should stop whining about who has been appointed, etc., and instead get into the fight, beginning with going to the LaRouche PAC website, and joining its battle to crush the British Empire and their puppets.