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Ukrainian Neo-Nazis Plan To Blockade Russian Coal Beginning April 2

March 11, 2017 (EIRNS)—The Ukrainian neo-Nazis have set a date of April 2 for blocking railway lines between Ukraine and Russia, reports TASS.

"We give the government time till April 2 to revise its policy concerning trade with the aggressor country. Our lookout points that have been set up at all railway cross points with Russia will begin an active phase of blockade from April 2,"

Anatoly Vinogrodsky, a member of the so-called Donbass battalion which coordinates actions of the radicals, said. "First of all, we will stop all coal coming from Russia," he said.

There’s already not enough coal in Ukraine, because of the blockade of the two breakaway republics, so the neo-Nazis are, therefore, proposing to worsen the coal shortages in Ukraine for their neo-Nazi purposes of fully taking over the government.