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Counter-Terror Expert Larry Johnson Exposes U.S., British Intelligence Collusion To Bring Down Trump

March 19, 2017 (EIRNS)—Former CIA analyst Larry Johnson told radio host Alex Jones in a March 17 interview that Director of Central Intelligence John Brennan tried to derail President Trump’s candidacy by collusion with British intelligence’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ); and disseminated British intelligence passed to him.

"Donald Trump is correct that intelligence agencies and the FBI were able to illegally access and monitor his communications with his aides, in an effort to destroy his Presidential campaign,"

Johnson told Alex Jones.

Johnson said National Security Agency chief Admiral Rogers went to Trump Tower after the election to "cover" himself. (Afterward, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper called for him to be fired.) Rogers explained he did that, because as National Security Agency chief, he was aware that the NSA’s authority was misused with regard to Trump. President Trump tweeted to get the word out, said Johnson,

"Trump and others called it ‘wiretapped,’ but it just means an ‘intercept’ by various capabilities. People like Thomas Drake, Dr. William Binney (winner of the Sam Adams Award for Integrity in Intelligence), and other ‘whistleblowers’ know that ‘wiretapped’ means all surveillance."

"What should alarm everybody," said Johnson,

"is that four leaders, the DNI [Department of Naval Intelligence], the CIA, directly interfering in domestic policies—these intelligence officials at the top, Brennan, and GCHQ."

Johnson said,

"It is illegal to collect [information] on American citizens, but not illegal for the U.S. to collect on British citizens, and vice-versa. We’re foreigners, so the British can collect on us, and did, under Obama."

Both Brennan and Clapper had previously lied under oath before Congress, said Johnson. Brennan

"lied about spying on the Senate—[and] there was no sanction, which sends a message to the rank-and-file. The New York Times on March 1 reported that American allies, including the British and the Dutch, provided intelligence on Trump people and Russians meeting in European cities—human intelligence, or an intercept of electronic surveillance. The media invented a narrative.

"The New York Times wrote on Jan. 20 (above the fold) ‘Wiretapped Data Used in Inquiry of Trump.’"

Johnson, in his interview with Alex Jones, asserted that in Syria over the last five weeks, Trump has "lifted the restricted airspace imposed by Obama, to allow U.S. attacks on ISIS convoys, allowing them to be effective." Under Obama, the President himself had to be found, notified, and sign off on any bombing. Now there is direct communication between Russian military and the U.S. Central Command, Johnson concluded.

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