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A Silk Road Institute in China Encourages Trump To Attend May Conference

March 21, 2017 (EIRNS)—Liang Haiming, the chief economist of China Silk Road Valley Research Institute, a Guangzhou-based think tank, wrote an article in the Global Times today on the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation in May in Beijing, specifically calling on President Trump to attend, and presenting the win-win benefits.

"Trump should give serious consideration to joining the B&R [Belt and Road] initiative," Liang wrote, which could

"increase jobs and push forward his large-scale infrastructure plan.... If Trump doesn’t want manufacturing revitalization to end up as just a campaign promise, he should consider seeking cooperation with China on the B&R initiative."

Liang points to the potential funding of projects from China, as well as Chinese factories producing in the U.S., adding that

"cooperation between the Trump administration and China on the B&R initiative would strengthen connectivity in terms of policy, trade and capital, which would be favorable for the U.S. to increase manufacturing exports to China."

On Trump’s $1 trillion infrastructure plan, Liang says that

"what the U.S. needs, China can offer. China’s cooperation with countries along the Belt and Road route usually starts with infrastructure construction. With China’s rich experience in overseas infrastructure projects, cooperation in this field would be a win-win for the two countries."

He also notes that the huge Chinese holdings of U.S. treasury debt could be a problem for the United States if China started selling them off, but that these resources from China "may help solve the infrastructure financing problem" in the United States. LaRouche has proposed a national development bank, which would be the perfect vehicle for moving those Chinese holdings into productive investment in the United States.

And, Liang adds, joining the B&R initiative

"and conducting cooperation in third-party markets will allow the U.S. manufacturing sector to explore new markets and drive its economy and add new jobs,"

while working with China to "share the risks, reduce confrontation and cultivate new economic growth momentum."

This is all very much in keeping with the Schiller Institute effort to get the Trump administration to bring the United States into the Silk Road, and for the President to attend the May Forum.