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Anti-Trump Cabal Wants Third World War, Prominent German Warns

March 29, 2017 (EIRNS)—Wolfgang Bittner, prominent author of books and articles in Germany, has harsh commentaries on NATO and on the anti-Trump campaign in an interview with Deutsche Wirtschaftsnachrichten. He warns that the ongoing NATO build-up in Europe’s East is not to be taken lightly, that there is always the danger of direct confrontation with Russia, and confirms that Mikhail Gorbachov has with good reason warned that a nuclear Damocles’ sword hangs over the globe.

The most dangerous acute threat originates in the United States, Bittner warns:

"One must fear that the hardliners and the lobbyists of the military industry in the U.S. Congress are actually going for war. After the change of government in Washington D.C., a change of the relationship to Russia has been hinted. Whether the new President Donald Trump can realize his ideas, is, however, a very big question. Already now, a few weeks into his term in office, it is evident that his enemies whom he charged with mismanagement and corruption in his inaugural address, are preventing the promised thaw and continue to pour fuel on the fire again and again.

"Apparently, there is a kind of separate government in the United States, consisting of high finance in connection with the military-industrial complex, the intelligence agencies, the Federal Reserve and other institutions of the power apparatus. They do not want peace in the world nor a peaceful and prosperous Europe either."

Geopoliticians like John McCain, former NATO Commander Gen. Philip Breedlove, Hillary Clinton, and George Friedman have always had this strategy, Bittner says, pointing to a speech that Friedman once gave in which he openly stated that the United States had gone into two world wars to prevent an alliance between Germany’s technology and Russia’s vast raw materials.

Bittner attacks the mainstream media for their propaganda drive against Russia, saying that many journalists are employed by, or are at least close to, NATO propaganda networks such as the Atlantic Bridge, Goldman Sachs Foundation, American Interest, German Foreign Policy Association, Atlantic Initiative, and Munich Security Conference.

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