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Robert Parry Slams the ‘It’s All Russia’s Fault’ Narrative, Warns of New McCarthyism

April 2, 2017 (EIRNS)—Under the headline "Blaming Russia for Everything," investigative reporter Robert Parry penned a scathing attack on the insane line coming from the liberal media and affiliated institutions, that everything that has gone wrong in the political process is Russia’s fault. "If any American points out the absurdity of this argument, he or she must be a ‘Moscow stooge’ or a ‘Putin puppet,’" Parry warns, in an article in his online publication Consortiumnews April 1.

The Presidential election was Hillary Clinton’s to lose, Parry asserts, but when she lost, it wasn’t because of her email server scandal, her speeches to Wall Street, her calling Donald Trump’s supporters "deplorables," or the fact tht she was a widely-disliked Establishment candidate. No! "It was all Russia’s fault," which it did by "undermining our democratic process." Truthful information was provided via Wikileaks on how the Democratic National Committee had rigged the nominating process against Sen. Bernie Sanders, on Clinton’s Wall Street speeches, and on the dirty dealings of the Clinton Foundation. "How dastardly is that?" Parry asks.

After noting other jarring examples of "how the game is played," he points to last Thursday’s testimony by Clint Watts, of the pro-NATO Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI) at the Senate Intelligence Committee. Watts, he says, "seems to believe that any criticism of a U.S. government official (at least anyone he likes) must be directed by Russia!" Watts, Parry points out, supported the PropOrNot group, which has blacklisted many independent internet news sites that don’t toe the line about Russia "eroding faith in the U.S. government."

"So," Parry concludes, "We are not to worry our pretty little heads about nuclear war or a future financial meltdown," or important social issues or "spying on our Internet use or any government wrongdoing at all, or even citizen protests against that wrongdoing. Because, if we debate such issues—if we even read about such issues—we are playing into Vladimir Putin’s evil plans." The craziness, he warns, "has now become the focus of an official Senate investigation into Russian ‘meddling’ in American political life. We have taken another step down the path of a New Cold War that blends a New McCarthyism with a New Orwellianism."