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Ted Postol, on the Fallacy of ‘Winning’ a Nuclear War

April 4, 2017 (EIRNS)—Emeritus MIT physicist Ted Postol, who has studied, in great detail, both the lies of the Pentagon’s claims that ballistic missile defense (BMD) tests were successful, and the fact that the real target of the U.S. European BMD deployment is Russia, not Iran, was interviewed by Undark on missile defense, on March 27. Bottom line:

"U.S. missile defenses have no chance of working against any adversary who has even a modest understanding of what they are doing."

Asked if the current failed system will be continued under the new administration, Postol says that, so far, deployment is continuing, and explains that the "defense system will have little or no capability."

The real danger, Postol says, is not from Iran or North Korea, but the fact that

"the United States is in the process of building a vast nuclear arsenal that appears to be aimed at having the ability to fight and win nuclear wars. The fact that the concept of fighting and winning a nuclear war is completely divorced from the realities of nuclear weapons effects has not deterred the United States from moving forward, as if such an objective is possible."

Postol continues, that

"given this [American] behavior, it is to be expected that the Russians would be scared to death, and that the Chinese would also be close behind them. I believe the situation is extremely dangerous, and, in fact, getting more so."

Regarding North Korea, Postol says that the "biggest danger" is "that they could stumble into a nuclear confrontation with the West." He says, the "North Korean leadership is not crazy." Instead, it

"believes that it should look unpredictable and aggressive in order to keep South Korea and the U.S. off-balance, as part of an overall strategy to avert military action by the South, and U.S."