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London Times Proclaims ‘We British Are Running Trump Attack on Syria, Russia’

April 9, 2017 (EIRNS)—With the arrogance that only centuries-old British Empire mouthpieces could muster, the Sunday Times of London specified today how the United States will proceed in confronting Russia under British direction.

In its lead story, titled "Russia Accused of Complicity in Syria War Crime," the Times asserted:

"Britain and America will this week directly accuse Russia of complicity in war crimes in Syria and demand that Vladimir Putin pull the rug from Bashar al-Assad’s blood-soaked regime.

"Rex Tillerson, President Donald Trump’s Secretary of State, will fly to Moscow to confront Russia with evidence that it had knowledge of, and sought to cover up, the regime’s deadly sarin strike last week that left 87 people dead.

"Last night Britain and America were working up a joint plan to demand that Putin withdraw military support from the dictator in Damascus and begin a transition to a new regime."

The article is accompanied by an op-ed penned by Her Majesty’s Secretary of State for Defense, Sir Michael Fallon, ("Puppeteer Putin Must Abandon Assad and Join Us in Building Peace" . Fallon praised President Trump for passing

"his first test as commander-in-chief" by attacking Syria, and reviewed the British role in bringing this about:

"The British and American governments have been in close contact at all levels before and after the strikes. The Prime Minister was informed in advance of the strike taking place. The U.S. Defense Secretary, James Mattis, called me to share their assessment of the regime’s culpability. Together we reviewed the options they were considering. He called me again later to advise me of the president’s decision and give us advance warning of the strike in the early hours of Friday morning."

Fallon specified three conditions for a so-called "long-term solution" in Syria:

  1. Bashar al-Assad must go.

  2. Creation of a "representative government" instead centered around the Anglo-Saudi-run terrorist Syrian "opposition," which Fallon praised as the reasonable parties in recent talks, as opposed to "the regime and its backers;" and

  3. Russia either goes along with this charade, or it will be treated as the enemy.

In other words, Her Majesty’s Government remains fully intent on provoking full-scale military confrontation between the United States and Russia, given that Russia has not, will not, and should not meet these demands, as Fallon is well aware.