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Wimmer: EU Must Stop Being in Bed with Kiev Putschists!

April 27, 2017 (EIRNS)—Former Deputy Defense Minister of Germany and former official of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, Willy Wimmer, is currently visiting Crimea, where he will meet with the prime minister and the President of Crimea’s parliament, as well as visit the Russian Navy in Sevastopol. Interviewed by Sputnik, he denounced recent remarks by the European Union’s top foreign policy official Federica Mogherini, who said Europe would never accept a Russian Crimea.

"This is far from any historical reality," Wimmer says.

"One has to take a sober view: if there hadn’t been a coup in Kiev, this development would certainly not have occurred. The cause lies in the Kiev coup, definitely not in the Russian Federation. Against this background, what Mrs. Mogherini says is ahistoric. It is politically dumb. One cannot view it differently. Because the forces which launched the coup, are the same forces with which Mrs. Mogherini and Brussels are connected in a special way."

He calls on German Chancellor Angela Merkel to stick to the historical facts, when she flies to Moscow next week.

Concerning the sanctions, Wimmer says that they were launched by

"those in Washington, D.C. who are to blame for the Ukrainian coup, who afterwards arm-twisted the Europeans so that the sanctions were decreed. Joe Biden even admitted that in public."

Since all of Europe was still living with the memory of World War II, it cannot be tolerated that the EU should support a regime in Kiev which openly sides with the National Socialist forces that attacked the Soviet Union in 1941.

Wimmer, who is also visiting war cemeteries on Crimea, also conveyed that, along with millions of German families, his own has suffered from the World War: Wimmer’s father was taken prisoner by the Soviet Army near Crimea, and when he was repatriated from the POW camp because of ill health, he died on the train returning to Germany.

"My conclusion is, that there can only be one consequence, inclusively in view of all the things being orchestrated now by NATO: We do not want a war! We don’t want any victims. That is also what the overwhelming majority of Germans want."