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McMaster: We Should Be Militarily Prepared for North Korea

May 1, 2017 (EIRNS)—During an appearance on Fox News Sunday, yesterday, H.R. McMaster, President Trump’s national security advisor, said the United States should be prepared for military action, if necessary, in North Korea.

"We do have to do something, and so, we have to do something, again, with partners in the region and globally. And that involves enforcement of the UN sanctions that are in place. It may mean ratcheting up those sanctions even further. And it also means being prepared for military operations if necessary,"

McMaster said.

President Donald Trump has connected military options to what we’re trying to do politically, he said.

"For too long, those two things were disconnected from each other. So, you need the viable option, the military option, to help make what you were doing diplomatically, economically, with sanctions, viable, to be able to resolve this problem short of what would be, as the president said, a major, major war and a humanitarian catastrophe,"

McMaster said.

McMaster also praised China’s efforts in resolving the crisis.

"We do see China starting to do something. We’ve seen it in Chinese public statements; we’ve seen it in the Chinese press," McMaster said. "You see it in the more strident and stringent enforcement of existing UN sanctions." But he said that more needs to be done, still, and that the United States will be asking China to do more.