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Chinese Press for U.S. Participation in the Belt and Road Forum

May 3, 2017 (EIRNS)—The Belt and Road "can be a new platform for Sino-U.S. cooperation" states a Global Times editorial on May 2. "The curtain will soon rise on the Belt & Road Forum for International Cooperation," the editorial states. Although many nations from Asia, Europe, and Africa will attend, unfortunately, the U.S. "has cast a cold eye on the initiative." The speculation and anxiety about the B&R "lays bare the stereotypical U.S. zero-sum mind-set."

But, "public opinion in the U.S. is subtly changing from being against it to attaching more importance to studying it," states the editorial. Joining could be "a lucrative choice for Washington" to "attract more Chinese investment to boost its own manufacturing industry" and to be "carry out more cooperation with Beijing in third countries..."

For the U.S. and China, cooperation would "elevate their mutual trust to the next level," and "create a new platform for Sino-U.S. collaboration.

"Will Trump, whose business is all over the world and has dozens of trademarks in China, neglect all the economic and political benefits? Beijing has already extended the invitation, and how the U.S. will respond is worth observing."