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Theresa May To Call Vote for War on Syria After the June 8 Election

May 5, 2017 (EIRNS)—The British press is reporting that Prime Minister Theresa May, after her expected big win in the election on June 8, will call on the Parliament to vote on launching a war on Syria. In classic British style, the Daily Mirror headline reads: "Theresa May plots snap vote on bombing Syria ... but is she turning into Trump’s poodle?" (recall that the Brits portrayed Tony Blair as Bush’s poodle, rather than the other way around).

They write:

"The Daily Mirror can reveal the British Government is now convinced Assad’s forces were behind the Sarin gas attack which killed 80 men, women and children. May wants the vote approved so Britain can take part in punitive strikes against Russian-backed Syrian forces."

They quote a "senior Whitehall source: "If you want to stop the use of chemical weapons you have to take out the aircraft."

Other reports say May would call for the attack in the case of "another" chemical attack (to be provided by the British-owned White Helmets, of course).

Labour shadow foreign minister Emily Thornberry said "such a move would risk open conflict between our armed forces and those of Russia and Iran and could lead the U.K. to repeat the mistakes of the Iraq war."

In 2013, the parliament voted down Cameron’s call for war. Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said last month that the United Kingdom might launch such airstrikes without parliamentary approval. Sources in the United Kingdom told EIR that a newly elected Tory majority would likely vote up a call from May for war.

The likelihood of a big Tory victory was shown Thursday in local elections across the United Kingdom. Conservatives made the biggest gains by a governing party in a local election for more than 40 years, gaining more than 563 seats (to 1,899), while Labour lost 382 (to 1,152). UKIP lost all but one of its 145 seats, and the Liberal Democrats lost 42 (to 441). The Tories are getting all the pro-Brexit vote.