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Chinese Ambassador Reiterates Call for U.S. To Join Belt and Road Initiative

May 19, 2017 (EIRNS)—Speaking yesterday at the Gala Dinner of the Committee of 100, the premier group responsible for defending the interest of Chinese-Americans, Chinese Ambassador Cui Tiankai draws a link between the Belt and Road Summit and the meeting between the two presidents in Mar-a-Lago. “The summit defines the future of U.S.-China relations," Cui said. “And the Belt and Road Summit has far-reaching implications for mankind. And there is a connection between the two events,” he said. “We are living in a world of change,” Cui continued.

“While there are advances in many fields, there is also great income disparity, job loss, and global challenges. If I might borrow an analogy from traditional Chinese medicine, I would say it is always important to orient toward the causes of disease, which [TCM] defines as qi [life energy], which I’m not sure how to translate. But when qi is disrupted, there is disease, so that bringing qi back to its normal functioning is the remedy. Our missing qi is connectivity. Uncoordinated policies and unconnected infrastructure have kept us apart. China has proposed a future of shared destiny. And the key lies in connectivity. The Belt and Road Initiative offers the right tool. It aims to realize physical connectivity and soft connectivity,”

Cui said.

“The BRI promotes more than building roads. It is a type of connectivity that would lead to peace and prosperity. But it demands inclusiveness and looks for common ground. If we learn from each other, it will make us stronger,”

Cui said.

“We are encouraged by the positive response from the international community to the success of the Belt and Road and China is ready to work with all parties, including the United States, to translate these grand ideas into reality.”