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Russia Security Chief: Other Nations Are Eager To Coordinate on the Fight Against Terrorism

May 19, 2017 (EIRNS)—Russia will be hosting its annual international security summit on May 23-25 in the city of Tver. For that occasion, Russian Security Council secretary Nikolay Patrushev was interviewed by RT yesterday, where he emphasized that dialogue between Russian intelligence agents and their counterparts abroad continues, often despite official restrictions.

"All in all, we see that this eagerness to communicate with us expands," Patrushev noted. "We don’t feel any isolation at all. On the contrary, the number of those attending [the security summit] is growing constantly." He stated that they expect up to 90 countries to participate this year in Tver, as compared to last year when 75 were present. Seventy bilateral meetings are planned, RT noted, adding that "sixteen European countries will be present." Ukraine and Georgia are not sending delegations, nor is the United States.

Patrushev also addressed the matter of North Korea, reiterating Russia’s standing policy. In a Rossiya-24 TV interview, he said: "When they [North Korea] develop their missile technologies and nuclear potential, this concerns us.... But we also see another side—one should not push them towards this, but this is happening. They see that they are in isolation and they should ensure their security themselves, and that no one will assist them here, and see threats for themselves."