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9/11 Families for Justice Chair Strada Requests Trump Demand Saudis Take Responsibility for Attack

May 23, 2017 (EIRNS)—9/11 Families and Survivors United for Justice chair Terry Strada’s May 12 letter to President Trump prior to his trip to Saudi Arabia, first published by Breitbart News on May 20, has become international news, covered by RT and the U.K.’s Daily Express, among others.

Strada expressed the families’ continuing gratitude for President Trump’s support for the passage of JASTA (Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act) during the Presidential campaign, which "was essential" to its passage.

"As you know, Saudi Arabia is a defendant in our lawsuit because of the involvement of its agents in supporting the 911 hijackers, and for support that flowed to al Qaeda from proselytizing institutions that the Saudis established and funded to spread a radical form of Islam that lies at the root of al Qaeda. The Saudis continue to REFUSE TO ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY for their actions... [emphasis in original],"

she continued.

"We fully expect that the Saudis will try to convince you to betray the 9/11 families," and agree to their demands to "modify" JASTA so that it excludes the Saudis, Strada specified. "Would you please make it very clear to the Saudis that you will never support any weakening of the 9/11 families’ legal rights?" And, second,

"the Saudis need to hear directly from you that Americans do not appreciate being manipulated by propaganda and fake news peddled by foreign agents."

She cities the mid-May Associated Press story on Saudi Arabia’s $1.3 million-per-month campaign to buy veterans into lobbying against JASTA.

Strada told the Daily Express that

"we are just asking for our government to support us in our quest for justice against Saudi Arabia for the role they played in murdering nearly 3,000 people.... It’s time we have some accountability for this atrocious act that happened here on 9/11. It’s time that the Saudis stop pretending like they didn’t have any part of it and come to the table and discuss settlement for the families or our lawsuit will pursue in the courtroom."