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Brennan-Obama Nailed: FISA Court Finds Violations

May 25, 2017 (EIRNS)—Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) said Congress will not reauthorize certain surveillance programs until questions about the unmasking of Americans identities under the past Administration are answered, Breitbart News reports.

At the same time, in a court order released earlier this month by the Director of National Intelligence (DNI), the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court stated that intelligence agencies under former President Barack Obama

"routinely violated privacy rights, conducted illegal searches and gathered information on U.S. citizens. Their conduct very seriously violated the Fourth Amendment."

Gowdy in particular pinned Brennan on lack of evidence of collusion between President Trump and any Russians.

Gowdy has persisted on getting at who was responsible for outing Americans using so called FISA warrants.

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