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Constitutional Law Expert Turley: Comey Leaks are Illegal

June 12, 2017 (EIRNS)—In a long, legalistic argument today, constitutional lawyer Johathan Turley convincingly concludes that Comey’s sharing of the memo—notes of his meeting with Trump— with a friend was "unauthorized and thus unlawful," because the material was FBI information covered by Federal rules and regulations (it was written on an FBI computer, as part of an official investigation), and not Comey’s personal property, such as a diary.

Writing in The Hill, Monday, June 12, Turley proceeded to counter the "full court press [attempting] to show that Comey’s conduct somehow fell outside of long-standing legal—and even grammatical—rules." Turley offered arguments to counter five points which are used to justify Comey’s actions. "Comey clearly violated federal rules in the disclosure of the information without informing the Justice Department," Turley wrote. "Indeed, when still director, Comey never applied such loose notions of disclosure and ethics to his subordinates."

"Comey was wrong to leak the information to the media. He became the very thing that he has spent his lifetime fighting against after being baited by Trump. After being fired and called names, Comey picked up the phone and became a leaker himself to strike back at the president. That does not make his allegations untrue, but we do not need to retroactively change the meaning of leaks or the scope of professional rules of conduct to protect Comey from his poor decisions.

"Assuming that Comey’s account in these memos is true, history will show two national figures—not just one—acted in highly inappropriate ways for highly personal reasons."