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Enough Already: Poll Shows Majority of Americans Are Sick and Tired of the Russia-Trump Nothingburger, Want To Talk Economics

June 25, 2017 (EIRNS)—Finally waking up to the reality which LaRouche PAC organizers have found and reported on for weeks, based on field deployments around the country, the inside-the-Beltway publication The Hill of July 24 published a lengthy article headlined "Dems Push Leaders To Talk Less about Russia."

The article includes a report on a new poll by Harvard-Harris—a prominent Democratic polling agency run by Mark Penn, who was Hillary Clinton’s 2008 pollster—which was shocked to discover that, of those polled,

"73% said they’re worried that the ongoing investigations [of the Russia-Trump matter] are preventing Congress from tackling issues more vital to them."

Penn himself had to confess:

"While the voters have a keen interest in any Russian election interference, they are concerned that the investigations have become a distraction for the President and Congress that is hurting rather than helping the country."

Coverage of the same poll in TheBlaze.com was a bit more direct:

"A new poll shows most voters are growing tired of the allegations of collusion with Russian officials made against the Trump administration. According to the most recent Harvard-Harris Poll, 56% of voters said they want Congress and the media to move on from the Russian investigation."

The base of the Democratic Party is in growing revolt against their leadership, and wants economic issues addressed. The Hill reported that

"rank-and-file Democrats say the Russia-Trump narrative is simply a non-issue with district voters, who are much more worried about bread-and-butter economic concerns like jobs, wages and the cost of education and healthcare.... In the wake of a string of special-election defeats, an increasing number of Democrats are calling for an adjustment in party messaging, one that swings the focus from Russia to the economy. The outcome of the 2018 elections, they say, hinges on how well the Democrats manage that shift."

What The Hill and others are too frightened to report, is that the majority of the population are strongly in favor of a return to Glass-Steagall, and other pro-development policies which have been championed for decades by the LaRouche movement. This has put the Democratic leadership in quite a quandary.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi, for example, continues to insist that the Democrats all focus on the Trump-Russia story. But a growing number of Democratic Congressmen are opposed to this suicidal policy, especially after talking to their constituents. For example, Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH), an early cosponsor of the fellow Ohio Democrat Marcy Kaptur’s and North Carolina Republican Walter Jones’s H.R.790 to return to FDR’s Glass-Steagall law to purge the banking system of speculation, and who challenged Pelosi for the Democratic House leadership last November, stated:

"We can’t just talk about Russia, because people back in Ohio aren’t really talking that much about Russia, about Putin, about Michael Flynn. If we don’t talk more about their interest, then we’re never going to be able to win elections."

Tim Walz (D-MN) commented: "I did a 22-county tour.... Nobody is focusing on that" referring to so-called Russia-gate. Peter Welch (D-VT) argued: "We should be focused relentlessly on economic improvement, [and] we should stay away from just piling on the criticism of Trump."

The New York Post reported on the same growing revolt among Democrats, under the headline: "Democrats Warn Party To Move On from Russia Obsession." The Post itself editorialized:

"Good riddance to the Russia myth—and blame Team Obama for promoting it.... It’s good that the hysteria has finally died down, but too bad Team Obama’s handling of it all helped produce so much misdirected hysteria in the first place."