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Trump Withdrew Support from Anti-Assad ‘Moderates’

July 20, 2017 (EIRNS)—The Washington Post has issued a report, based on statements attributed to anonymous government officials, that President Trump has withdrawn training and weapons assistance from anti-Assad groups in Syria. Although revealed now, the report states that the decision was made one month prior to the Trump/Putin summit meeting on July 7.

Despite comments from experts consulted by the Post that this decision is "falling into a Russian trap," it is entirely consistent with the Trump Administration’s commitment to cooperate with Russia to demilitarize the conflict, by negotiating a series of regional ceasefire agreements.

This action by Trump eliminates the Obama Administration’s dangerous commitment to militarily defeating the Syrian government prior to seriously targeting the ISIS terrorists. By junking the Obama policy in collaboration with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Trump has advanced the cause of peace. This is the "trap" that Putin and Trump have proudly announced their agreement on.