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At Dems’ Press Conference, EIR Clearly Has the ‘Better Deal’

July 24, 2017 (EIRNS)—An intervention by EIR representatives was necessary to bring real economics—Glass-Steagall reinstatement, national banking, the Belt and Road—to a press conference by 10 Democratic Members of Congress today which claimed to be about economic progress for working Americans.

After Democratic Senate Leader Chuck Schumer had admitted July 22 that the Democrats were being seen as nothing but an anti-Trump party, he and other Congressional leaders went to Berryville, Virginia today to present what was trumpeted as their new economic program: "A Better Deal." [The slogan may have been taken from Papa John’s Pizza.]

But events proved that it was the representatives of Lyndon LaRouche’s EIR who had the better deal to present in Berryville.

Schumer, Sens. Amy Klobuchar, Mark Warner, Elizabeth Warren, and Chris Van Hollen, along with Democratic House Leader Nancy Pelosi and Reps. David Cicilline, Hakeem Jeffries, and Ben Ray Lujan, and Cheri Bustos all managed to say very little about the economy, with no one mentioning restoring Glass-Steagall, expanding Medicare health insurance for all, or even rebuilding infrastructure. Nor reviving manufacturing and industry, which they foolishly claimed were doing quite well and needed only apprenticeships and training programs to fill the jobs.

This was no alternative to White House or Republican economics to present to the working people the Democrats were seeking in blue-collar/agricultural Berryville. About 150 journalists and local people attended the press conference.

But EIR’s Anita Gallagher intervened to remind them that the economy is sinking and facing "a blowout that makes 2008 look minor"; why weren’t they proposing loud and clear to reinstate Glass-Steagall and create a national credit bank for new infrastructure projects? A disturbed Schumer responded, "No, no, no—we’re considering things; we’re considering a lot of things that are on the table."

Prime Glass-Steagall sponsor Warren did not respond verbally. But in reporting the intervention, the Washington Free Beacon reported, "As the woman mentioned Glass-Steagall, Warren did a delighted dance to the amusement of her fellow lawmakers." House sponsor Cicilline of Rhode Island later said he wanted to go big with Glass-Steagall, but was not getting (leadership) support.

Gallagher and EIR’s Pat Salisbury, clearly having the better deal, then had interviews done by New York City’s WNYC Radio and by the Winchester Star, and a New York Times reporter discussed their intervention with them at length. All those in the audience they spoke to, were quite happy that they had made the intervention.