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Macron Organizes Joint Discussions of Libya's Al-Sarraj and Haftar in Paris

PARIS, July 25, 2017 (Nouvelle Solidarité)—French President Emmanuel Macron met today at the Chateau of La Celle Saint-Cloud with the two main leaders of Libya: Fayez al-Sarraj, Presidential Council of the Government of National Accord and Gen. Khalifa Haftar, the Commander of the Libyan National Army.

Ceasefire, elections, national unity to fight against terrorism, trafficking, and migration flows—these are the first commitments by the two leaders who agreed on a joint communiqué for the very first time.

They both agreed that the solution to the Libya crisis "can only be political and requires a national reconciliation process." They also committed themselves to work towards a "ceasefire;" to make efforts to

"integrate fighters who so wish into the regular forces and call for the disarmament, demobilization and reintegration of others into civilian life."

Point 8 commits them to "work on establishing a roadmap for the security and defense of the Libyan territory against threats and trafficking of all types." They say they will

"work so that all security and military forces present adhere to this plan in the framework of the reunification of the military and security institutions in order to coordinate in the fight against terrorism, control migration flows through the Libyan territory, secure and control borders, and combat organized criminal networks that instrumentalize Libya and destabilize the Central Mediterranean."

Finally, they commit themselves to work towards holding Presidential and parliamentary elections as soon as possible "under the supervision of the United Nations."