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VIPS’s McGovern Asks: Was James Comey In on the ‘Russia Hack’ E-mail Lie?

July 26, 2017 (EIRNS)—Former CIA analyst Ray McGovern, a well-known leader of the group of patriotic former U.S. intelligence agents calling themselves the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS), upped the ante today in the war against the British operation to overthrow President Trump. In an interview with RT, McGovern called on the U.S. Congress and President Trump to specifically investigate FBI Director James Comey’s role in setting up the "Russians hacked the Democratic National Committee's e-mail" fraud.

McGovern was interviewed on the VIPS’s explosive memo, released Monday, on the forensic evidence documenting that the DNC e-mails released in July 2016 could not have been hacked, but had to have been leaked—and that the e-mails were "adulterated" to superimpose Russian format onto them. There are politicians calling the alleged Russian hacking of the computers "an act of war," he exclaimed, yet it takes a "strange credulity" to say that Russian intelligence services are so professional that they did this job, but those "professionals" left tell-tale signs like Cyrillic characters in material released.

Although the VIPS don’t know, it "could be that the DNC has some inside help of some quite professional people," said McGovern.

The VIPS memo itself suggests that the FBI role should be examined, noting that, "we do not know who or what the murky Guccifer 2.0 is. You may wish to ask the FBI." Asked by RT why he thought the FBI failed to examine the DNC computers or do any forensics, McGovern singled out Comey by name.

"The answer to that, is something that Congress and the President should pursue," he said. "It is laughable that James Comey, former director of the FBI, would say, ‘Oooh, the Democratic National Committee didn’t let us check out their computers.’ We’re talking about an act of war? Right? And here’s the FBI saying ‘Oooh, we don’t want to do forensics. We’ll depend on the firm the DNC is paying to do the forensics.’ ...

"That is malfeasance! And begs the question of: Why was it? Did James Comey know that his investigators might find out something that he didn’t want them to find out? Was he in on this little operation, that was enabled by the CIA capability to ‘obfuscate?’ I don’t know the answer to that, but President Trump should be able to find the answer out to that,"

McGovern concluded.