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London, U.S. Media Back the Antifa for Race Riots

Aug. 18, 2017 (EIRNS)—British and American media too numerous to count are backing and encouraging demonstrations of violent American "antifa" groups against President Trump, just three months after antifa rioters trashed sections of Hamburg and wounded hundreds of police during the G20 meetings.

The British intelligence intention of forcing Trump out of the White House remains constant since before his inauguration; but the "Russiagate" scheme has taken some sharp blows, from LaRouche PAC’s mass mobilization around the Veterans Intelligence Professionals for Sanity report proving there was no Russian hacking of the Democratic National Committee. The British intelligence/George Soros-run operations have returned to the model of their "immigration" anti-Trump demonstrations of last Winter, but now with far more violence.

In the Republican Party, "Blimps" (British Liberal imperialists) have been coming out against the President: Sen. Robert Corker said he was neither "stable" nor "competent"; losing candidates Mitt Romney, Lindsay Graham and Marco Rubio demanded he apologize for condemning antifa violence along with "white supremacist" violence.

Among Democratic elected officials, hysteria again reigns, with Rep. Steven Cohen of Tennessee putting up an impeachment resolution, one state senator advocating Trump’s assassination, losing Wisconsin candidate Russ Feingold agitating for mass resignations from all government bodies, etc. Mass "protests" this Saturday in Washington, D.C. and Boston again involve violent antifa groups, against only a small "white nationalist" countergang in Boston and only Confederate statues in Washington.

President Trump’s warning of Aug. 16 is being confirmed, as monuments to Abraham Lincoln have been defaced in Washington, D.C., and burned and partly destroyed in Chicago. The Los Angeles Times on Aug. 15 ran "Who was responsible for the violence in Charlottesville? Here’s what witnesses say," quoting more than a dozen witnesses completely confirming the President’s characterization of armed violence initiated by both sides, and more often by the antifa groups. Even witnesses quoted from antifa groups confirmed their own aggressive armed violence, along with that of the FBI-controlled "white supremacists."

The London Independent ran a long article Aug. 18, "Trump is About to Resign," promoting Tony Schwartz, Trump’s hired co-author for The Art of the Deal, who has become a bitter Trump enemy and Clintonista in recent years. The paper crows,

"‘Trump’s presidency is effectively over. Would be amazed if he survives to the end of the year. He resigns by then if not sooner. The circle [Ku Klux?—ed.] is closing with blinding speed’, says Tony Schwartz."

The Guardian printed a long political analysis, "The President of the United States is Now a Nazi Sympathizer," by columnist Richard Wolffe. The London Times claimed without evidence that Trump’s economic advisor Gary Cohn and Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly were "disgusted" with his response to the Charlottesville events. London bookies are quoting up to 60% odds of Trump’s impeachment, indicating the bets Brits are making on this.