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Andrew Young Speaks on Charlottesville, Points to Economic Dimension

Aug. 20, 2017 (EIRNS)—Speaking to NBC’s Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd, Former UN Ambassador, Atlanta Mayor, and civil rights leader Andrew Young directly attacked the new racial Trump-gate operation, insisting, as Trump did, that development and jobs are the only solution to racial problems, as the rage comes from the forgotten people.

Young said that this has been

"a week of misunderstandings. We originally sought to redeem the soul of America from the triple evils of race, war, and poverty. Most of the issues that we’re dealing with now are related to poverty. But we still want to put everything in a racial context.

"The reason I feel uncomfortable condemning the Klan types is, they are almost the poorest of the poor. They are the forgotten Americans. And, they have been used and abused and neglected. Instead of giving them affordable health care, they give them black lung jobs. And that just doesn’t make sense in today’s world."

He said his father taught him that racial hatred was a disease, and that you don’t get angry with sick people, you help them.

"We’ve had a struggle from slavery. But blacks—while they call themselves militants, but they’re not militants, they’re chicken. We never tried to take advantage of anybody else. Our job was not to put down white people. Our job was to lift everybody up together. To come—so that we would learn to live together as brothers and sisters rather than perish together as fools."

Todd asked what Amb. Young thought of Trump. He said,

"I think he’s caught in a trap. I don’t think there are any easy answers.... I admire his family. And I think that the thing that the President has to do is think of the American people, all of us, as his family. And I try to think of him as a potential leader, not only of the United States of America, but a leader of the free world and of the enslaved world."

He said that people in the White House were saying there is no military solution to the North Korea problem. "That’s right—there’s no military solution to any problem. But there are economic solutions." He pointed to FDR in 1945, the creation of the UN, and a generation of economic development. This part was left out of the transcript posted by NBC! Helga Zepp-LaRouche said Young is right, but he must also pose the solution—that the U.S. must join the New Silk Road, NOW, and implement the LaRouche Four Laws to restore the jobs and development he is promoting, and stop the threat of civil war and assassination of the President.

Asked about the fight against Confederate symbols, Young described how the city of Atlanta once got in a fight to take down a Confederate flag—they got the flag down, but lost an election as a result, and lost the development process with it.

"Let them wave their flags—Atlanta was a city where we were too busy to hate, that’s how we progressed. We lost that. Being militant is cheap and safe, but we have to get down to teaching children, treating our wives better—whatever color."

Asked if Romney was right to demand an apology from Trump for what he said after Charlottesville, Young responded: "I think Trump should apologize for Mitch McConnell!"