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BRICS Summit Shows ‘Rising Asian Powers’ Concerted Efforts for Boosting Global Economic Growth

Sept. 7, 2017 (EIRNS)—Talking to Xinhua on the sidelines of a seminar in New York City yesterday, the president of the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations, Stephen A. Orlins, said that the just-concluded, ninth BRCIS Summit at Xiamen

"shows the group, the combined economic share of which has almost doubled to 23% over the past decade, is committed to boosting global economic growth by strengthening cooperation among them as well as with other developing countries."

China’s proposals such as "BRICS Plus"—which includes an initial dialogue among the leaders of five emerging nations (Mexico, Egypt, Thailand, Tajikistan and Guinea) and the five BRICS leaders—and the Belt and Road Initiative, are creating new impetus for an open economy and multilateral trade that will benefit the BRICS and other developing countries and the world as a whole, Orlins told Xinhua. "From a U.S. perspective, all of these things are good for two major reasons," Orlins said.

"One, as people’s per-capita income increases, it’s actually good for America’s economy, because our ability to sell goods and services increase. So I think that benefits the United States....

"Second, it benefits the United States in terms of increasing economic growth in places that may become fertile ground for recruiting terrorists. When there is economic growth, when people have opportunities to improve their lives, they generally don’t become terrorists,"

he said.