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White House Infrastructure Meeting on New York City’s Gateway Project Was ‘Promising,’ Though No Promises

Sept. 8, 2017 (EIRNS)—On Sept. 7, a White House meeting took place on the Gateway Project, the infrastructure plan for new transportation and logistics links between New Jersey and New York, attended by President Trump, key members of the Congressional delegations, and the governors from both states. Many attendees praised the meeting, which Trump attended for an hour; he repeatedly praised the "bipartisanship" of the gathering. Rep. Peter King (R) said that the meeting "couldn’t have been more positive."

The Gateway Project requires some $25-30 billion, half of which is to come from the Federal government, and the rest from the states. The Gateway Project includes multiple improvements to the Northeast Rail Corridor, including two new rail tunnels under the Hudson River to allow repair of those badly damaged by Hurricane Sandy, replacement of the Portal Bridge in New Jersey, and other potential investments in mass transportation in the greater New York City area.