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Democratic Congressional Leaders Reiterate They Will Work with Trump

Sept. 17, 2017 (EIRNS)—Senior Democratic Senators Dick Durbin (Ill.) and Dianne Feinstein (Calif.) reiterated an openness to working with President Trump, in interviews on the Sunday talk shows today, as the Democratic Party’s policy of obstructionism-only collapses.

Durbin, number two in the Senate Democratic Caucus (whip), acceded to the possibility of a "working alliance" with President Trump, and spoke of "trust."

Fox TV asked Durbin if he thinks "that there is the potential for a real—not permanent, but working alliance between President Trump and Congressional Democrats? And what do you say to those members—folks on the left who don’t trust this President and don’t trust making deals with him?" To which Durbin answered:

"There will be people on the right and left who will be critical ... [but] two weeks ago, [Minority leaders] Schumer and Pelosi sat down with the President and the other leaders and said, we can help you move immediately for Hurricane Harvey assistance, to have a short-term spending bill so the government doesn’t shut down and to extend the debt ceiling of the United States; we’ll do it on a bipartisan basis, Mr. President. That’s what America wants. And the President said, I’ll take it. We did it. And we can do more like that, as long as we trust one another, respect the differences that we obviously do have, but try to work toward a goal."

For her part, Feinstein on CNN called the Trump-Schumer/ Pelosi deal

"a start.... I’ve learned that over 24 years and people have to work together. In a two-party system, the President becomes a point of reconciliation between the two and that’s been the history of leaders going up, sitting down with the President, working something out. So, this to me was a bit of regular order that might be able to produce something."