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Saudis Barred from Attending Labour Party Convention, Because of War Against Yemen

Sept. 18, 2017 (EIRNS)—Britain’s Labour Party, led by Jeremy Corbyn, has decided to reject Saudi Arabia’s application to attend the party’s annual convention Sept. 25 because of the Kingdom’s genocidal war against Yemen. Sudan has also been barred from attending.

A Labour Party spokesman, quoted by RT, announced that

"following evidence of war crimes committed by Saudi Arabia in its bombing campaign in Yemen and other large scale human rights abuses, the NEC [National Executive Committee] agreed that the embassy’s application to attend the Labour Party conference would not be accepted."

In response, an outraged League of Arab States has written to Labour MPs and peers to inform them it has cancelled the annual reception and dinner, normally hosted by Arab ambassadors.

Corbyn’s stand on Saudi Arabia stands in stark contrast to that of Prime Minister Theresa May, who has made no comment on the Saudi’s barbaric bombing of Yemen, while continuing to sell massive amounts of weaponry, in the amount of $4.87 billion, to the Kingdom. Corbyn has called on the Tory government to cease arms sales to Saudi Arabia.

According to RT, the Saudis received "red carpet" treatment at the DSEI arms fair in London—the largest such fair in the world.