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For the Record: Senator Burr Has Found No Evidence for ‘Russiagate’

Oct. 10, 2017 (EIRNS)—Senate Intelligence Committee Chair Richard Burr held a press conference Oct. 5 to report the "results" of his Committee’s long investigation of "Russiagate," the alleged interference in the 2016 election by Russia and the Trump campaign’s alleged "collusion" with that interference.

For the record: Burr said that the Committee had "interviewed more than 100 witnesses in open and closed sessions," and had "not found any evidence to prove Russian interference in the election."

Burr insisted nonetheless that "this remains an open question" in his view, because,

"You can’t walk away from this and believe that Russia’s not currently active. There is consensus among members and staff that we trust the intelligence community’s conclusions."

Thus Burr stated the Committee has "issued invitations to 25 more witnesses," and intends to investigate on to the end of the year.

But this groveling before the arrogant claims of James Clapper, William Brennan and James Comey did not change Burr’s admission, that his investigation has found no evidence to show Russian interference, or Trump campaign collusion.