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U.S. and Russian Generals Hold Third Face-to-Face Deconfliction Meeting

Oct. 28, 2017 (EIRNS)—U.S. and Russian generals held their third deconfliction meeting to assure that there be no mishaps during military operations in Syria, Operation Inherent Resolve spokesman U.S. Col. Ryan Dillon told Sputnik. "I’m pretty sure that there have been ... three face-to-face meetings," Dillon said in a phone interview from Baghdad, and adding that the latest meeting had occurred "within the last week and a half."

"As the pro-regime forces and our partner force, the Syrian Democratic Forces, started to move closer to one another, there’s no question that the level of deconfliction had to increase,"

Dillon said. The lines of communication between the two sides "are often used multiple times throughout the day." Dillon also told Sputnik that U.S.-led coalition was not coordinating with Russian forces nor operating in the Syrian province of Idlib.