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Chief of Staff Kelly Speaks on Working with China

Nov. 3, 2017 (EIRNS)—In Fox New’s Laura Ingraham Oct. 30 interview with Chief of Staff John Kelly, a debate, of sorts, ensued over U.S.-Chinese relations, after Kelly expressed the "great hope we all have China," and Russia, too, he added, will help end the threat of a North Korean ICBM being developed.

Ingraham shot back, why did President Trump congratulate President Xi, who is now being compared with Chairman Mao, who killed 60 million people; it’s a communist country. "Why are celebrating Xi’s Presidency?"

"As Americans we cannot accept a government like that, but that is not up to us to pass judgment on," Kelly replied.

"I think working with people no matter who they are is better than not talking to them. They have a system of government that is apparently works for the Chinese people—"

Ingraham interrupted: "not all of them," mentioning Christians. Kelly replied "let’s hope this is a new kind of leader, and not look back so many decades."

What’s our relationship to China? Are they friend, foe, trading partner?


"They’ve beat us pretty badly in terms of trade. That doesn’t make them an enemy. They are, to say the least, a world power. That doesn’t make them an enemy. They probably in many ways have been smarter than we have in terms of business and trade. President Trump is committed to changing that relationship on a collegial basis. The disparity between what we buy and sell from them is pretty great ... but I wouldn’t even consider them a competitor, just another world power."

Yes, our trade deficit is big, Kelly agreed.

"Whose fault is that? I mean, that’s our fault. My hat’s off to them for taking advantage of whatever they’ve been able to take advantage of to have that trade relationship. This president is committed to changing that relationship, but to do it in a collegial way."