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Former NSA Analyst Binney Meets with CIA at Trump’s Request To Dispute Russian Hack

Nov. 7, 2017 (EIRNS)—The Intercept published an article today under the byline of James Risen and Duncan Campbell, which states that Bill Binney, the former National Security Agency expert who has exposed the fraud of the "Russian hack" of the Democratic National Committee computers, met with Director of Central Intelligence Mike Pompeo on Oct. 24 at the specific request of President Donald Trump.

Binney presented the CIA with his demonstration that there was no Russian hack of the Democratic National Committee and of John Podesta, the central tenet of the Russiagate hysteria now gripping the United States. Binney states that Pompeo asked him whether he would be willing to meet with the FBI and NSA, and that Binney said he would, of course, meet with these agencies. He had not heard back from Pompeo at the time of the article.

The Risen-Campbell Intercept article rails against Pompeo for meeting with Binney and claims that the CIA Director hearing actual evidence about the non-existent Russian hack at the request of President Trump means that Pompeo is not an honest broker of relations between the President and the CIA. This assertion rests on the the completely false idea peddled by the news media and the coup maestros that the Justice Department and similar institutions are independent of the Presidency, which, of course, under our Constitution, they are not.

In what is probably a directly related development, the Justice Department and the FBI leaked to the Wall Street Journal Nov. 2nd that they had evidence by which to indict six Russians for the DNC/Podesta hacks, but would not be doing so until 2018. The same Wall Street Journal article informs us that the Department of Justice and FBI are handling this aspect of Russiagate rather than Special Counsel Robert Mueller. But, wait, you may ask, isn’t that the central thing Mueller was supposed to be investigating?

Other than the Alice in Wonderland features of all of this, one thing is certain: Both the DOJ and press hacks like Risen are simply terrified of the truth suddenly beginning to break into daylight.

The Pompeo-Binney meeting, of course, represents a major break in the coup scenario which the LaRouche organization has played a role in bringing about. Time to escalate.

Bill Binney will be appearing on Nov. 12, at 4:00 p.m., at Symphony Place in Manhattan, 95th and Broadway, at a showing of the film about him, "A Good American." Binney, Sean Stone, and Diane Roark will discuss the film, his role at the NSA, his criticism of the NSA regarding the failure to stop 9/11, and the Russiagate hoax, and will take questions from the audience.

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