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NSA’s William Binney Interview Blows Open Russia Hack Claim

Nov. 8, 2017 (EIRNS)—William Binney, former technical signals expert at the National Security Agency, was interviewed for 15 minutes today by RT on his meeting yesterday with CIA Director Mike Pompeo, which is reported to have occurred at the direction of President Trump.

The prominent coverage given to Binney’s meeting with CIA chief Pompeo shows that the "Russia-gate" lie has not been accepted by President Trump, who urged his CIA chief to meet with Binney. Binney said Trump’s urging Pompeo to talk to talk to him, "was the hopeful sign for me."

Binney reasserted that the speed of the download of the data from the DNC’s computer was too fast to have been hacked; it had to be downloaded in two parts on a local device. The best transmission speed achieved was one-fourth of what was necessary.

Binney said he told Pompeo that the intelligence agencies, which claimed "high confidence" in a "hack," were not telling the truth, and cited their initial denials of missiles in Cuba, the Tonkin Gulf lies that started the Vietnam War, and Weapons of Mass Destruction allegedly held by Iraq. The intelligence agencies "have no credibility now," said Binney.

Binney cited Presidents who presented evidence for military action, saying President Kennedy presented aerial surveillance photos of Soviet missiles in Cuba during the 1962 missile crisis; Reagan presented Japanese radio intercepts of orders to shoot down the Korean airliner in 1983. Binney said no such evidence has been offered for the Russian hacking accusation, though many lawmakers have described it as an act of war. The intelligence agencies think they are running the country, Binney said.

Binney said his meeting with the CIA director had occurred because

"the President said he should talk to me, and try to get some facts on the Russia issue. That was a hopeful sign for me.... That indicates he is not getting facts from our intelligence agencies. That’s really bad."

Binney knocked down the notion that Trump was trying to divert from his problems.

"I don’t buy into mindless drivel; they have zero evidence [of hacking]. You can’t believe them," said Binney.

"They have a problem. They’ve been asserting this for a year. It’s difficult to back off. It shows weakness to throw labels at people rather than any evidence. Not enough has been done. "The FBI amd the NSA know a lot more than they’re telling. They need to come forth."