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The Mediterranean Region Is at the Crossroads of the Belt and Road, Says Bank of China Chairman

Dec. 3, 2017 (EIRNS)—The Chairman of the Bank of China Chen Siqing spoke at a three-day forum in Rome yesterday, the Third Mediterranean Dialogue, which drew some 500 participants to discuss the subject of how to promote Belt and Road construction projects in the region. Chen said that the Belt and Road Initiative "has created a new platform for international cooperation," Xinhua reported.

The Bank of China Chairman stated:

"Here [the Mediterranean] is the key juncture of the infrastructures along the Belt and Road. The Mediterranean’s position is unique and of strategic importance, at the crossroads of land Silk Road and maritime Silk Road."

He added:

"In the future, we should continue to intensify the building of infrastructures in the Mediterranean region and to push forward the construction of great projects such as the Hungary-Serbia railway linking Budapest and Belgrade, as well as the shaping of a logistic and transport network linking Europe, Asia an Africa by land, sea and air."

Chen also proposed:

"In the future, we should accelerate industrial capacity cooperation with countries along the Belt and Road, promote regional development and peaceful coexistence among peoples."